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Personal Information
Height: 5'9"
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown

His mother died giving birth to twins, and of the pair, only the boy lived. A little girl, posthumously named Mary [Molly] Magdalene, was buried with her mother. [When RP'ing with a Molly, obviously they both survived ;]

Matthew Mark Hooper was named after his father, Mark, and his grandfather, Matthew. As both men were living, he was called many names including Mel by his family and Matty by his friends. Expected to take over his grandfather's restaurant, Matty went to culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. But it was dissection, first begun on dead family pets, chicken and fish for dinner, that interested him, even if he did become an excellent chef and worked at the family cafe while he studied medicine. The restaurant was closed during his father's lingering death due to cancer.

No family, few friends other than a cat named Toby, Matty spends all of his free time at New Scotland Yard, beating out a certain Philip Anderson for the position on the forensics team working under DI Lestrade.

Employment Information
Pathology is a study of disease, its etiology, pathogenesis and pathophysiology, and its morphologic expression at organ, tissue, cellular and ultrastructural levels. The spectrum of research includes basic molecular mechanisms of cell function and vertebrate development, as well as translational studies on disease mechanism, diagnosis and treatment. The disipline is further separated into divisions, based on either the system being studied (e.g. dermatopathology) or the focus of the examination (e.g. forensic pathology and determining the cause of death). Pathology is a medical specialty that provides the scientific foundation for all medical practice. A pathologist works with each of the clinical specialties, using the tools of laboratory medicine to provide information essential to problem solving in clinical practice. As such, the pathologist is the "doctors' doctor."

Dr. Matthew Mark Hooper MBBS, MRCP, FRCPath, Matty to his friends, is a forensic pathologist at New Scotland Yard, Previously he trained at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, which is the oldest hospital in Europe, having been founded in 1123, and is the oldest in the United Kingdom that still occupies its original site. Having completed his training anatomical pathology, he subsequently sub-specialized in forensic pathology and regularly performs autopsies/postmortem examinations to determine the cause of death.

An autopsy report contains an opinion about 1) The pathologic process, injury, or disease that directly results in or initiates a series of events that lead to a person's death (also called mechanism of death), such as a bullet wound to the head, exsanguination caused by a stab wound, manual or ligature strangulation, myocardial infarction resulting from coronary artery disease, etc.); and 2) The "manner of death", the circumstances surrounding the cause of death, which in most jurisdictions include: Homicide, Accidental, Natural, Suicide, and Undetermined. The autopsy also provides an opportunity for other issues raised by the death to be addressed, such as the collection of trace evidence or determining the identity of the deceased.

Dr. Hooper examines and documents wounds and injuries, both at autopsy and occasionally in a clinical setting. He will collect and examine tissue specimens under the microscope (histology) in order to identify the presence or absence of natural disease and other microscopic findings such as asbestos bodies in the lungs or gunpowder particles around a gunshot wound, and collect and interpret toxicological analyses on body tissues and fluids to determine the chemical cause of accidental overdoses or deliberate poisonings.

Forensic pathologists also work closely with the medico-legal authority, i.e. coroner, for the area concerned with the investigation of sudden and unexpected deaths and serve as an expert witness in courts of law testifying in civil or criminal law cases.

A member of the Royal College of Pathologists, Dr. Hooper is a frequent contributor to a wide variety of medical journals.

Doctor Hooper Wiki. I'm not Molly, so don't believe everything you read.

New Scotland Yard

Crime Scene Examiner


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